I Needed Care That Would Let Me Continue Working with My Husband

I’ve always loved growing plants. I love caring for them and see them thrive into beautiful, living things. Both my parents are the same way. I inherited their green thumbs. So, it was natural to say yes when my husband asked if we should start a landscaping business together. But doing that work day in and day out is what caused me to go see some Peoria chiropractors for help. Our new business meant so much to both of us, and I did not want to have to back out and leave my husband doing it all just because I have back trouble. That would have been so disappointing.

I met my husband at a local garden club. He loves planting and caring for things as much as I do. We were friends first, and we would hang out to one another talking about all sorts of plant related things for hours. At some point, I realized that I was starting to have feelings for him. Then, one day, I learned that he had feelings for me from the beginning. He asked me out, and together, we have a beautiful yard full of plants and trees that all our neighbors envy. It makes us happy to have a passion that we both share together.

I would say it was a couple of months before my back and shoulders started hurting after we opened our business. Sure, I had lots of experience at home digging holes for hours or pushing the wheelbarrow around. But when you do it 8 to 9 hours every single day without fail, things begin to hurt. The scary part for me was that things continued to hurt, no matter what I did. So, after I got chiropractic care, it made my heart and mind feel better knowing that my back no longer ached and I could continue working.