I Met a Girl in the Park

I was just minding my own business when I met this girl the other day, she was really cute and she was having a pretty good time with these other girls, playing with a toy called a sweets kendamas. It is a cup and ball sort of game, except that it is different from other types that I have seen used. The cup device has three cups really, and a spike, which you can use because the ball has a hole through the center. The thing is a little different, so that is a bit tough to explain really, in essence there is a piece of wood attached to a ball about the size of a tennis ball. The wooden piece has three cups on it, one on an arm about five inches and two about half as long perpendicular to it. At any rate you can do all sorts of things and I tried it a little myself, but it is obviously something which has a lot of potential if you practice, but you are not really going to be good at it without putting in your time.

At any rate I was really sweaty when I met this girl and her friends, I had just done about three laps around the park and I had been throwing frisbee with a couple of random guys I met. They were playing a game where you tried to throw the disc so that the other guy would have to really run hard to catch it. The idea was to make it possible to catch the frisbee, but as hard as it could be. At any rate I did not expect to do well since I was really worked up and it surprised me that I ended up getting her phone number so easily.