Rod Stewart: classics and excitement every minute

Rod Stewart vibrated G.E.B.A

It was nine thirty and, as agreed, the show should start. With people applauding, vendors selling drinks, Panchos and pizzas screaming and a euphoria that came from thousands of fans, it was time to see the amazing Rod Stewart. Withstands of merchandising adorning the sides of the stadium, shirts with the face of the Scot, people who arrived in a hurry and tried to locate as quickly as possible and a lot but a lot of emotion, the lights began to go out, and the show began.

With only five minutes of delay, ten minus twenty-five all G.E.B.A. He was encouraging and chanting the name of his idol. With an impeccable red armored suit, Rod Stewart came on the scene. Between thousands and thousands of fans, Rod began his incredible recital of the hand of a classic as it is “This old heart of mine.” Of end in a target, with his shoe acharolados, and with the affection that characterizes it, the public danced and applauded to the rate of music.

The Briton, who made the show to present his latest work entitled “Time,” could not ignore all his successes that, being so many, always some remains to sing, added to the favorites of each person, who asked for the screams different hits of Rod throughout the night.

With his usual euphoria, his dance crazy and at the same time sensual for thousands of fans and 69 years that were not noticed at all, the Scot wasted sympathy and, of course, talent. Being one of the few artists who sound the same life as when listening to an album recorded in the studio, Stewart knows how to keep the audience’s emotion intact minute by minute.

With a great soundtrack, singers, and luxury saxophonists, he sang “Some Guys have all the luck,” with which he made G.E.B.A. Be prepared for what would be your next historic songs. To the shout of “This will be a really good night,” began to sound its iconic hit “Tonight’s the night,” followed by “Have you’ve ever seen the rain” and “Twisting The Night Away.”

In the middle of the show, a pleasant surprise delighted the audience. Rod took his daughter, Ruby Stewart, to sing in front of the entire stadium. The blonde, dressed in black and with an impeccable look, sang “Just one more day” and took all the applause. But the euphoria came when he sang with his father the hit “Forever Young,” with which the whole stadium danced and sang happily.

For a more melodic moment, the Scot changed his wardrobe and opted for a very bright and bright white jacket and black pants, with which he sang the characteristic ballads of his career, such as “I do not want to talk about it” with which they all accompanied with their hands up, and others from the last album.

The images of the screens were key in this concert, as in “Can not stop me now,” where images appeared with his father that gave the show an emotional moment, full of good music and without losing the rhythm for a second, as with “Sweet Little rock ‘n’ roller.”

Palpitando the end, Rod made the last change of clothes, where he was less formal, but with the same style, unmatched and sophisticated. With a colorful striped shirt and white pants, the musician sang his latest hits as “Maggie May” and “You’re in my heart,” with which he tried to please the entire audience.

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In the midst of his successes, images of his well-known and insane passion for football appeared on the screens, specifically for the club of his loves, Scotland’s Celtic. With the video of his disconsolate crying at one of the team’s victories, Rod began giving away soccer balls to the public autographed by him -something that was informed to all the spectators through the screens with the message “Rod wants to let them know that all the balls are signed by him personally “- he kicked towards the closest stalls.

To complete the recital, Stewart made the right choice to sing “Do ya think I’m sexy,” with which the audience danced, vibrated, sang and everything you can imagine to enjoy that moment that was pure adrenaline and excitement.

At the end, said a cheerful “Thank you Argentina,” and retired. Not satisfied with this, his fans began to applaud and ask him to sing some more song, so the Scottish was made to wish, and a few minutes later he went on stage to finish his incredible show by the hand of one of his most beautiful and famous ballads as it is “Sailing.”

At eleven and twenty-five it was over, and in less than two hours of pure music, dancing and a lot, but much sympathy and fun, Rod Stewart left the whole stadium G.E.B.A. with a desire of more, but with a recital that, without doubts, had many emotions.

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