Famous actress Lindsay Lohan tried to lie

James Franco claims that Lindsay Lohan deliberately lied when referring to him as one of the many celebrities he would have managed to seduce.

This list of famous men had transcended in a list written by herself during a night of partying.

For this, the actor feels no remorse after having talked at length in his latest book of poetry about the experiences he had with her.

“I do not consider that I have unleashed my anger against Lindsay, or against any other person.” She told a lot of lies in public that affects me personally, especially when she said clearly that I had slept with her. Lindsay Lohan’s book does not say anything particularly offensive, at least nothing that is not true, “the actor told Los Angeles Magazine.

Thus, Franco ruined the list that Lohan made known about the alleged men with which he maintained an affair.


Posted by on March 29, 2014
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