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Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Hugo Boss: Indian model is dominating the runways

20-year-old model Arun Gupta has walked the ramp for Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Acne Studio, Fendi, Neil Barrett and more Fate has its ways of working and the male role model Arun Gupta is the classic example. 20-year-old Arun ran into the East Village area in New York City one day, and to his surprise, he was approached by a casting director who asked him if he had ever considered modeling. A surprised Arun was handed a

Fake Louis Vuitton bags were seized from a popular 5-star hotel in Mumbai

FAKE Louis Vuitton bags confiscated from the official store at a 5-star hotel If you’ve recently shopped at the Oberoi Hotel’s mall, it could be that the luxury bag you’ve bought is a fake. Most of us have been entirely safe shopping in a 5-star hotel in recent times considering the excellent reputation. In the aftermath of the events, a cruel truth came to light. Many customers who bought the expensive Louis Vuitton bags at a

After Gucci, Louis Vuitton; Prada finally sells online in China after dipping sales

Prada realized her mistake in underestimating the importance of an e-commerce site after her contemporaries. Prada said that this well-thought-out measure is to stabilize the company’s profits and also to recover from the declining sales in recent years. The Internet has quickly become the norm of life, and the one that enters into this spectrum is “ready to wear” and “pretty lines” of luxury brands. These flowered homes see it as a way to bridge the