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Rod Stewart: classics and excitement every minute

Rod Stewart vibrated G.E.B.A It was nine thirty and, as agreed, the show should start. With people applauding, vendors selling drinks, Panchos and pizzas screaming and a euphoria that came from thousands of fans, it was time to see the amazing Rod Stewart. Withstands of merchandising adorning the sides of the stadium, shirts with the face of the Scot, people who arrived in a hurry and tried to locate as quickly as possible and a lot
George Clooney retrieves Hitler’s museum

George Clooney retrieves Hitler’s museum

A soldier of the ‘Monuments Men’ retrieves a print of Dürer. The massive looting of works of art perpetrated by Nazi Germany throughout Europe remains an unsolved case almost 70 years after its defeat in 1945. This is the only way it is explained that last November the Munich Prosecutor’s Office announced the appearance in a city ​​apartment of more than 1,400 works of art, including Picasso, Matisse, and Chagall from a large part of the

Acton and Koum, the WhatsApp guys

Koum and Acton, two bold types Brian Acton and Jan Koum, the creators of WhatsApp that have become two mega-rich stars, represent the value of an ironclad friendship. They both met when they worked at Yahoo !. Koum arrived in Mountain View (Silicon Valley, California) with his mother from Ukraine when he was 16 years old. He finished high school, became interested in programming and, one day, while he was in class, he received the call